Cygwin64 - "Open Here"

by Tom Kay on 19/12/2013
in cygwin cygwin64 shell

For a while now i've been using cygwin and laboriously navigating around my file structure because "chere" isn't available for cygwin64.  I couldn't find a working example of opening cygwin64 to a specific folder (while retaining a login shell) on any other forums so I decided to bite the bullet and figure it out.

I believe i've come up with the solution, cobbled together from bits of other half working solutions.  The command line is as follows, i've also put it into a reg file for convenience. "Open Cygwin Here" will appear in your right click menu for folders and drives.

C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe /bin/sh -lc 'cd "`cygpath "%V"`"; bash'

Download registry file