Minor updates to Custom Google Background

by Tom Kay on 16/04/2013
in chrome, custom google background

The latest update to Custom Google Background addresses minor issues with styling. Version 4.1.9 which I released last night includes the following updates:

  • Address some instances where the Google logo is too large (Thanks Eric Williams et al.)
  • Improve style to fix bug where other extensions may use !important (thanks Michael Kole)
  • Nudge logo down slightly if replacing a doodle
  • Make transparent logo size consistent across both doodle and non-doodle pages
  • Fix bug where reset icon sometimes did not appear (this may be reverted to doodles only in the future)
  • Fix bug where footer bar would sometimes be too high

It has been suggested by some users that the colour version of the logo should be used instead of the transparent version.  I will consider how to implement this as an option in future versions.

As always, if you have any comments or issues, please send me a message.

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